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  Sunday, March 08, 2009 – Permalink –

Seniors Surf Too

No Internet age limit

You don't have to show a drivers license (expired or not) to wander through cyber space,but. . .

" . . I'm pissed as hell at how difficult software developers (hello Microsoft!) make their software. I'm pissed as hell at the amount of marketing junk which is loaded onto computers at the store. At every turn, my grandfather gets pop-up messages from AOL, Netscape, Real Media, Internet Explorer and more. I'm pissed that the desktop comes littered with promotionals for CompuServe and AT&T and Compaq which can be difficult to delete. It makes everything that much harder for a senior whose fingers are shaky, whose eyesight is poor and who has never operated anything more complex than a typewriter.

Helping Seniors Get Online
(by Amanda Erickson)

As the oldest Baby Boomers prepare to turn 60 in 2006, marketers and the media are waking up to the power of older consumers. Unlike today's seniors, Boomers are dedicated Internet users and broadband fans. As they approach the next phase of their lives, they will challenge companies to keep up with their ever-demanding ways, both online and off.

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[Edited entry from 1/6/2006]

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