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  Friday, June 12, 2009 – Permalink –

Frequent XP Problems

Windows XP answers

John Barnett has a nice site with over 100 good WinXP solutions.

"The Windows XP frequently asked questions section contains some of the more popular tips/tweaks. Obviously, this section will be updated pretty regularly so do keep visiting to check what new FAQ's have been added. All FAQ replies are supplied 'as is' I am unable to accept any responsibility resulting from the use of any of the FAQ replies. You use them at your own risk!'

Here's a sample:

  • How Do I Enable Show Hidden Files and Folders

  • How Do I Get XP To Empty The Temporary Internet File Folder When My Browser Closes (UPDATED)

  • How Do I Hide Icons In The Notification Area

  • How Do I Add/Remove 'Supplied By From Internet Explorer Title Bar

  • How Do I Replace a lost, broke or damaged Windows XP CD

  • How Do I Delete An Undeletable File

  • How Do I Create A Desktop Shortcut To The Windows Disk Defragmenter

  • How Do I Enable Single Clicking Of Icons To Open An Application

  • How Do I Disable The Windows XP Splash Screen

  • How Do I Change The Default Location Of The My Document Folder

  • How Do I Backup The Registry In Windows XP
Windows XP FAQ's

[Edited entry from 4/26/2006]

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