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The latest example of this comes once again via Kosta Eleftheriou. Today, he drew attention to an app called My Pulse-Heart Rate Monitor. Notice how they all have roughly the same length, and non-sensical author names – all with the same "First Last" name format: pic.twitter.com/Ldp2B5Kd9k

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fake reviews defamation

fake reviews defamation

changing the names of tabs is easy, just double click the tab or right click and choose rename.

allen wyatt has a small piece of code that will automatically update the tab name based on the value of a cell in the spreadsheet.

sub mytabname()
activesheet.name = activesheet.range("a1")
end sub

allen also has some error checking code on his site:

fake reviews defamation

dick kusleika suggests another way using a change event:

fake reviews defamation

[fake reviews defamation]

fake reviews defamationfake reviews defamation


fake reviews defamation

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