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a guide to guides
all about custom shows
 here is a collection of articles written by andrew may for msdn and his own blog.
comparing ways to control animation in powerpoint 2002 and powerpoint 2003
creating animation sequences in powerpoint 2002 and powerpoint 2003 (part 1)
creating animation sequences in powerpoint 2002 and powerpoint 2003 (part 2)
animating shapes in powerpoint 2000 and 97 (part 1)
animating shapes in powerpoint 2000 and 97 (part 2 of 4)
animating shapes in powerpoint 2000 and 97 (part 3 of 4)
animating shapes in powerpoint 2000 and 97 (part 4 of 4)
animation schemes in powerpoint
art of communicating effectively, the
tips about all aspects of pulling off a successful presentation!
automate powerpoint and insert an image on the slide
awesome backgrounds
hints, tips and resources

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brainy betty
hundreds of free powerpoint backgrounds and templates, tutorials, business and education resources

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check transitions in slide sorter view
color schemes
come back to first slide in slide show mode
countdown presentation
it often helps to indicate to the audience that you are ready to begin or ready to continue with the presentation. having a countdown slide is one such way. this is an example which does not use vba. hence it is a visual simulation of a countdown and not a precise one.
copy-move slides from one presentation to another
create countdown slide without vba  
create multiple slides from a single slide  
create powerpoint slides from a word outline
creative presentations archive
terberg design specializes in creating unique presentations. julie terberg is a contributing editor to presentations magazine.

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determine the current slide (slide view mode)
difference between slideindex property and slidenumber property
disable power saving mode during a show
disable the "update links" dialog box
display a black (or white) screen during a presentation
double monitor display
see notes on your pc and show slides at the same time.

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powerpoint tips. see powerpoint gotchas
ellen finkelstein.com
tips and tutorials on autocad, powerpoint, and flash

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faceid browser (excel/powerpoint/word/com add-in)
flashback for powerpoint
flowcharts based on london underground
includes powerpoint template
also underground animals

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gettysburg address
glenn millar communications
sophisticated graphics and other powerpoint tricks
 bitmaps, scanning & digital cameras for on-screen presentations - or how to make your graphics just the right size and color quality- complete with free downloadable files

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happiest thing about powerpoint: perfect is easier than close enough
how to create fade in/fade out effect 
how to create slide shows and self-running kiosks in acrobat
how to open .ppz files

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insert slides from multiple presentation files into a single new presentation file

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jump slides by numbers

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 presentations together seamlessly- complete with free downloadable files
 presentations together - but not all of them- complete with free downloadable files

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macro to exit all running slide shows (slide show mode)
make duplicate shapes which are evenly spaced in powerpoint
manipulating tables in powerpoint - more...
manipulating tables in powerpoint (ms word / native powerpoint tables)
powerpoint tips
multiple templates in powerpoint

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no escape for powerpoint

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office tips
examples of the enhanced functionality available through the vba & win32 api when applied to ms word, ms powerpoint & ms excel.
this site includes tips, tricks and examples of the features available in microsoft office products through vba and win32 api

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can I or
powerful powerpoint for educators:
 using visual basic for application to make powerpoint interactive
also -david marcovitz interview
powerpoint add-in faq
powerpoint and video
also from indezine: links for video
powerpoint answers.com
powerpoint association search (powered by atomz)
powerpoint resources
powerpoint tips
powerpoint workbench
powerpoint's greatest feature is its ease of use. this also causes the most problems. over-used text and other faults are no longer acceptable. how are you placed in the new powerpoint world?
related to indezine
print custom show print add-in version 1.7.1

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recovering from corrupt presentation files
reduce the powerpoint file size
refresh the current slide (slide show mode)
reillyand, inc.
vba for powerpoint
recolor images in powerpoint
reset animation build for the current slide (slide show mode)
right click to move to the previous slide

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set views for powerpoint
scott hanselman's tips for a successful msft presentation

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text fx
 animation effects with text - or how to get people to say "that was not done in powerpoint!"
- complete with free downloadable files
tic-tac-toe powerpoint demo using vba
toggle images on every click on the shape

Know When To Stop Before You Start. OLG Class A licensed OperatorWV

undo a design which has been applied to a powerpoint presentation
update links during slide show.
using photographs in powerpoint

video tutorials

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why doesn't the recorded macro work in slide show mode?
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