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absolute powerpoint
can a software package edit our thoughts
cognitive load of powerpoint: q&a with richard e. mayer, the
"bullets don't kill learning, but improper use of bullets kills learning. in order to create effective powerpoint presentations, it is important to understand how people learn. in particular, cognitive scientists have discovered three important features of the human information processing system that are particularly relevant for powerpoint users: dual-channels, that is, people have separate information processing channels for visual material and verbal material; limited capacity, that is, people can pay attention to only a few pieces of information in each channel at a time; and active processing, that is, people understand the presented material when they pay attention to the relevant material, organize it into a coherent mental structure, and integrate it with their prior knowledge. the implications are that:
 1) powerpoint presentations should use both visual and verbal forms of presentation,
 2) filling the slides with information will easily overload people's cognitive systems, and
 3) the presentations should help learners to select, organize, and integrate presented information."
edward tufte
edward tufte has written seven books, including visual explanations, envisioning information, the visual display of quantitative information, and data analysis for politics and policy.
"best 100 books of the 20th century." - amazon.com
a day with edward tufte
in defense of powerpoint
powerpoint discussions
"powerpoint is evil", edward tufte
a story that hunts: q&a with john seely brown
the science of making your powerpoint memorable: q&a with nelson cowan
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