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do reviewers on amazon or yelp get paid

adding notepad to sendto
auto-dialing for 32-bit internet applications
basic programming languages
changing file associations
changing file associations
change your windows 2000 registration and customize the welcome screen
customize the general tab of system information
also how do i brand my windows 2000 installations?
computer languages history
defrag command-line switches
defragmenting the swap file
dosstart.bat file
eliminating msconfig warning at next boot up
emergency recovery utility
fixing page fault in mprexe.exe
fixing corrupted exchange files
free drive space errors with norton utilities
how to: make a program available to all users in windows 2000 [q322016]
******log file******
******log file******
***open notepad and type .log on the first line. save the file. when this text file is re-opened, the current time and date will be entered.***
office97 and plus pack themes
opening a files for editing
opening associated files from a dos box
power surfing
redirecting output from command line programs
remove icw and outlook express icons from the desktop [q250380]
saving space using winzip
scandisk command-line switches
setting swap file size
shutting down or restarting windows95 from an icon
substituting drive letters
using the new dos edit
using your mouse to select an area in a dos app
windows security
wildcards with dir and file find
xcopy switches, new
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