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journalism resources
guide to citation style guides
karen's power tools
karen is the author of the popular power tools, free programs that make life with windows a lot easier.
kelly's xp korner
a lot of information from various sources, to help you find answers to the problems some users have with windows xp. i've also put together some commonly requested tweaks and tips to make xp work the way you want it to.
knights, richard
computer modeling examples using excel
knox, doug
tweaks, fixes and utilities vb scripts 95/98/2000/me/xp
kolupaev, igor
useful and fun information and utilities for ms office.
lacher, john cpa
tutorials, examples
larabie fonts
all the fonts on this site were created by ray larabie. they're all free for commercial use
layout tips for technical papers in microsoft word 2000
here are some tips for making technical publications in microsoft word 2000. the tips are written for someone with experience using ms word who needs a boost on the basic techniques for specific layout problems.
leboeuf, henri
microsoft's glossary, microsoft's sites and search engine, favorite vb sites, favorite windows sites, utilities, search engines, frequently asked questions
free software for legal citations using lexisnexis
liengme, bernard v.
excel tips and tricks
linda's tips
office tips and lessons
internet's history, design, usage, and related subjects."
"the site is ranked by google as the world's top site in the internet courses category. developed over the last 7 years, i also call it 'the first internet book' -- the only site that has published a reference length work integrated with the net, with more than 2000 intra-site links and more than 2000 external links. this is what tim berners-lee originally designed the web for."
longre, laurent
33 add-in worksheet functions (translated from french into english).
get paid to review clothing
lost password.com
office, excel, word, windows xp/2000/nt, access, outlook, outlook express, exchange, winzip pkzip zip, vba visual basic modules, internet explorer, acrobat, quicken, quickbooks, lotus 1-2-3, lotus organizer, lotus wordpro, backup, project, myob, paradox, act!, mail, schedule+, money, wordperfect
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