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how to remove fake reviews on amazon

generate random content
get direct access to data from word
get prompted for missing data
get rid of that line
information on getting rid of stubborn lines that word automatically adds to your document
getting started with graphics
go back to where you left off in word
going back with word's secret go back feature
phrases to avoid
guide to grammar and writing
gutenberg project
project gutenberg is the brainchild of michael hart, who in 1971 decided that it would be a really good idea if lots of famous and important texts were freely available to everyone in the world. since then, he has been joined by hundreds of volunteers who share his vision. now, more than thirty years later, project gutenberg has the following figures (as of november 8th 2002): 203 new ebooks released during october 2002, 1975 new ebooks produced in 2002 (they were 1240 in 2001) for a total of 6267 total project gutenberg ebooks.

Most point spread and over/under bets are -110 odds. Run line/puck line: In baseball and hockey, a popular way to bet is to take the "run line" (called the "puck line" in hockey) that incorporates a point spread but improves the odds.

how can i diagnose formatting problems?
how can i display more toolbars?
how can i find out the names of the buttons on the toolbars?
how can i find out what the buttons on the toolbars do?
how do i change the default document font?
how do i change the default folder for open and save?
how do i change the default font for things like page numbers, headers, footers, footnotes, and endnotes?
how do i change the default margins?
how do i change the format of the number symbols in a numbered list without changing the rest of the text?
how do i change the margins?
how do i clear the formatting in a paragraph or block of text?
how do i control what happens when i start word?
how do i control where a column ends?
how do i create a table of contents?
how do i create a table?
how do i create an index?
how do i delete a footnote or an endnote?
how do i delete page numbers?
how do i double-space my document?
how do i get word to change the language for the spell check? (i already have the correct spellchecker installed)
how do i get word to stop helping me type?
how do i indent a paragraph?
how do i insert a footnote or an endnote?
how do i insert or delete a page break?
how do i keep a paragraph from separating at the page break?
how do i make a numbered list that looks like an outline?
how do i move or copy a footnote or an endnote?
how do i move the toolbars?
how do i number pages?
how do i put a picture in my document?
how do i put a watermark on a document?
how do i remove the page number from the first page?
how do i set tabs?
how do i share a document with someone who doesn't have word 2000?
how do i switch between languages (proof text in different languages)?
how do i tell the office assistant to go away?
how do i tell the speller to skip the parts of my document that are not in english?
how do i turn off the automatic urls?
how do i type the accented characters?
how do i use headers and footers?
how do put an excel chart in my document?
how to i put a horizontal line in my document that moves when i add new text?
how to navigate better in word
how to reset user options and registry settings (q211793)
how word differs from wordperfect

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i like wordperfect; where are the "reveal codes"?
idiom site
find out why you say what you say.
in a document divided into sections, display the section number, or a derivative of it, in the footer of a document.
in wordperfect, i could point to a blank part of the page and start typing. can word do that?
indenting entire paragraphs
information is missing from the document and replaced with codes such as { page } and { time }, etc.
inline versus floating
insert the filename and path on the last page of a document, in a form that will be updated automatically if the filename or path changes.
inserting a euro currency symbol
introducing charts
introducing the word and (mostly) excel connection
is there a faster way than the thesaurus to find synonyms?
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