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wd2002: (q289634)
this article describes the steps you can take to correct problems that you may experience when you start microsoft word or when you work in word, that are not document-specific issues.
web design tools
web graphics
what are styles? how do i use them?
what are templates? how do i use them? how do i make a template?
what is autotext?
what is mail merge? how do i merge documents?
what is the normal template?
what's going on with the document windows when i have more than one file open?
why are my columns not lined up when i print?
wondering if newer versions of word are more virus prone?
word 2000: fonts : general information and troubleshooting
word 97 tips: doing more with less effort and getting better results
word automatically changes the format or content of my document.
word changes the number of leading or trailing spaces when cutting and pasting text.
word command line switches
word fails to find misspelled words in some or all locations of a document.
word shortcut list
word shows only one or two fonts in its font list.
wordtips, word answers
definitions and synonyms, including many proper nouns
word relations: find antonyms, parts or types, less specific words, etc.
find straight and multi-word anagrams
edit and add to the database
look up words in almost any program, including ms word, etc.
cross-reference to other installed dictionaries and web search engines
search for words in a large number of optional extra word lists
copy synonyms or definitions into other programs
new: pronunciations for many words
new: maintains viewable list of words looked up
expanded: over 117 000 synonym sets and 142 000 root words
expanded: pattern matching word search in supplied 210 000 word list
write better specifications
writing one document on multiple computers
valid css! valid xhtml 1.0!
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