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  Saturday, August 01, 2009 – Permalink –

Data Security

Access style

With all the news about database spying, here's some information about protecting your own Access db.
Don't tell the New York Times.

This is Margaret Blauvelt's TOC from
  • General Protection from Unauthorized Users
  • Protect your Logon Identity
  • How to Change your Password in Access
  • User Logon, Security and Data Integrity
  • The Access Workgroup Security File
  • Object Permissions and User Logon
  • Access Sessions and the Workgroup File
  • Joining to another Workgroup Security File from within Access
  • Opening a Database from the Command Line
  • Opening a Database from a Shortcut
  • Backup
  • Compact and Repair
Access Security for End Users
Frequently asked questions about Access security warnings

For Access 2007:
Data Security in Microsoft Access 2007

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  Wednesday, July 15, 2009 – Permalink –

Restore Defaults

Office 2003 redo

To reset the original settings in Office 2003, follow these steps.
Make sure that you back up your files before you follow these steps.
  1. 1. Start any Office 2003 program.
  2. On Help menu, click Detect and Repair.

  3. Click to select the Discard my customized settings and restore default settings check box, and then click Start.
  4. Quit the application, and then click Ignore.
  5. Click OK when you receive the following message:
    Reset of setting to default succeed.

Microsoft Office Diagnostics in 2007 replaces Diagnose and Repair:

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